There is lots to do in and around Praia do Pedrógão. In addition to what’s written on this page, don’t forget to visit the facebook page.

You should try out the best restaurants in town. Others might be good as well but we would propose:

  • Quebra Mar (Av. Sociedade de Defesa e Propaganda 25)
  • A Rocha (the one on the rock outcrop, Av. Olimpio Duarte Alves 61)
  • Combinado (R. Maré Viva 41). The first two have the best views if you like eating whilst looking over the ocean.
  • Âncora (Rua D. João Pereira Venâncio, nº 5), although without sea views is also well visited by Portuguese visitors (and who else knows best right?).
  • AMA Casal Ventoso have renewed their bar and restaurant, it’s on the north beach, can’t miss it. Nice vibe, good atmosphere, good food and snacks.

Our personal favourite though is Quebra Mar.

Free advice: don’t be stupid. Don’t walk into a seaside restaurant hoping to get the best steak you ever had. They do fish and seafood and they (Quebra Mar, A Rocha and Combinado) do it well!

After all that good food, you should go for a nice walk or undertake some other activity. Why not take a bike and explore the area.

If long walks in amazing nature is your thing, head out inland about 30-60 minutes to discover a bunch of nature filled walks ranging from relatively short to long. If you are a walker, you came to the right place. All trails are well indicated and can be found on the internet. And yes….. I did some and loved it and will be trying to do all of them!!
Word of advice: bring some swimming gear to enjoy the cool water and leave refreshed after the walk! Some beers are not a bad idea either.


Going for a walk? Be prepared.

Take a 45-60 minutes drive and you will end up in amazing places with fantastic walks or “trilhos”. At the end of such a walk head up to one of the many great restaurants. Vila de Rei – Trilho das Cascatas, Penedo Furado, Fragas de São Simão just no name a few. Be amazed!!!! Where else can you stretch on the beach in the morning and take a great hike in the afternoon? Only Leiria!!!


Don’t feel like walking? Try a Kite Buggy instead. Plenty of space and beach to go around.


Take the Atlantic Road – cycling path. The cycling path of the Atlantic Road  is the largest in the country. This 62 km long cycling path offers several trails, as well as exceptional comfort and safety patterns to ride a bike, roller skates, skates or scooters. A memorable journey across incredible natural landscapes, charming beaches and welcoming towns! During the bike journey you can breathe the fresh air of the pine tree forests of the region, as well as the lovely sea breeze from the Atlantic. At the north-most spot, this cycling path starts in Osso da Baleia beach (Pombal). Your journey continues to Ervedeira Lagoon, ideal for windsurf-lovers and visit the town of Pedrógão and its beaches, where fishermen still fish on the traditional way.

There is also a free tennis court, but finding it might be a bit tricky. Be nice and ask the locals and they might just point you in the right direction.

Vale do Lapedo
For the walking enthousiasts, start with the official Vale do Lapedo route. Well worth the 10-15 minute drive from Leiria. KML file here (upload to Google Maps as your own map).

It’s a 1,5 – 2 hour walk. It’s marked as easy, but that is probably by Portuguese standards. One would not take you grandma or under 6 on this walk. Some steep climbs, heights and slippery rocks. For the experienced climber or walker it’s a breeze.
It’s a place of great historical, archeological and natural importance.

In Marinha Grande, ride along the Lis river, surrounding Vieira de Leiria Beach and head to the cycling path of São Pedro de Moel, a picturesque seaside resort. Taste the most delicious fish varieties in the familiar-like restaurant “Estrela do Mar”. This beautiful trail leads you to the charming pine wood of Leiria, built by King D. Dinis in the 14th century.

Head south to Alcobaça and discover beaches and pine woods across the dazzling beach of Nazaré, one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal; the half-moon shaped bay of São Martinho do Porto and the enchanting Óbidos Lagoon and the priceless Medieval town of Óbidos. also has some routes available in Pedrógão and surroundings.

  • Vivó Verão, yearly events at the beach from July to September. Page from the Leiria municipality with the yearly program.


Bike rental – There are bikes for rent in Coimbrão. If you’re a guest at the camping, you can also rent a bike there.

If your are a real bike enthousiast you will have brought your own, which is probably much better.

For the unexperienced: avoid going in the afternoon in the summer, as it won’t be much fun to suffer and sweat. Rather take the early morning or late afternoon.

Free advice – cycling from Praia do Pedrógão – Lagoa de Ervideira (for a swim and a break) – Coimbrão – Praia do Pedrógão is a nice short route with good variety of views of about 15 km.


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